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General Information

Protection and Service

Ralons America provides a portfolio of security solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs, from armed officers to concierge service.

Human & Digital Potential Combine for Peace of Mind

Ralons America offers security solutions that strategically combine both human as well as electronic and digital components to ensure safer and more secure facilities.

Training and Beyond

Ralons America provides security services performed by armed and unarmed security officers that are highly trained and selected after a thorough selection process including drug-test and background check, and who are licensed by state as well as federal agencies.


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Security Services:

• Armed & Unarmed Security Officers

Highly trained and certified armed and unarmed security officers to protect and secure both commercial and residential properties.

• Concierge

Get the peace of mind that comes with high-caliber security plus the convenience and comfort of additional services, from mail processing to assisting guests and residents.

• CCTV Monitoring

Trained professionals provide faster response times by increasing the accuracy of identifying the cause of alarms using multiple cameras, and security monitors.

• Patrolling and Surveillance

Patrol supervisors create a perimeter of safety around your property with 24/7 mobile patrols using highly visible vehicles to handle parking and safety issues as well as to prevent crime.

• Private Security Escorts

Customized security strategies to meet the demands of any client with the trusted expertise of former high-ranking law enforcement experts experienced in the most complex situations.

• Private and Public Events

Experienced guards trained to handle any-size private or public event and provide safety and assurance in diverse environments. The security officers have an action plan and strategy according to the type of event that is commanded by safety supervisors.

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